Here is a segment from The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation

In this segment you'll learn how, why, and when to defer to higher authority, and how do deal with someone who uses this strategy on you.

“The simplicity and clarity with which you present vital principles is awesome and much appreciated. You have also ‘transformed’ my feelings and beliefs about negotiating and asking for a ‘better' price. Thank you." — Ellen Jame

This sample is about Higher Authority . . .

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Being nice

Hot potato

Sound bites

Have a seat

Cash is king

Funny Money

Trial balloons

Fait accompli

Who’s on first

Body language

Higher authority

Feel, felt, found

Paying attention

Hidden meanings

Cost versus value

What did he say?

Good-guy; bad-guy

Common courtesies

What’s on the table

It just makes sense

Agree, agree, agree

Is this a good time?

Where do you meet?

If it’s not a good time

Guttenberg was right

Withdrawing the offer

$25,000 versus 24,997

Who writes the contract

I’ve got to think about it

Dollars are in a discount

Matchmaker, matchmaker

Outgoing phone messages

The reason for the discount

You’ll have to do better than that

What’s the best price you can get?

Another reason to use the word dollars

Know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em