Dr. Richard Kaye – Recipient of the White House Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

A Success Story . . . 

Here's a real-life example of what knowing the secrets of empowering communication and negotiation can accomplish . . .
We made the mistake of checking our baggage when we left Palermo, Italy, on the way back to the US.

At the Rome airport, we purchased two bottles of fine Italian wine. Because we were through security, there was no problem carrying the wine on board.  When we landed at JFK, our point of entry into the U.S., our plan was to gather our luggage, place the wine inside the luggage, and check the luggage through.

That would've worked exceptionally well; except our bags never arrived at JFK!

So here we are at JFK, carrying nothing except two bottles of wine. Certainly, you are aware you are allowed a maximum of three-ounces of liquid through TSA security. The wonderful people at the security check point had a great suggestion: "Leave the wine here, 'cause you ain't takin' it through security."


Using some the communication skills and negotiation skills and strategies you'll learn through this program, we were able to get two bottles of wonderful Italian wine through security, and carry them with us, on the aircraft, to our final destination.

This story is not related to impress you, but rather to impress upon you some of the things that become possible when you know the Secrets of Empowering Negotiation.

OK. Another story . . .

Checking into a hotel at a $99/night rate, and getting upgraded to this.

Ya never know what's possible when you know the Secrets of Empowering Negotiation.