Why have Dr. Richard Kaye as your guest?

After he retired from a thriving chiropractic practice in San Diego and moving Taos, New Mexico, he took a year off. He then made the decision to work with entrepreneurs to help them accelerate the growth of their businesses. Been doing that for nearly 25 years.

We'll talk about Profitable, Powerful Publicity

As a hook, you can use: "Have You Unleashed the Untapped Power of Publicity to Transform Your Destiny?"

Your audience will learn . . .

  • what are the distinctions between PR, advertising, and publicity
  • how to pitch to show hosts (including radio and television)
  • why talk radio programs are looking for you
  • what not to do when pitching
  • how to get invited back
  • and, of course, a lot more . . .

Richard's bio is below (right click it and you can download it).

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 Top Talent Agency

Richard's LinkedIn Profile

Some hosts like to have a few questions to ask. If that's you, here are some questions to get you started. Certainly, feel free to take the conversation wherever you wish.

  1. 1
    How did you get started in publicity?
  2. 2
    What are the distinctions between PR, advertising, and publicity?
  3. 3
    You talk about getting people, who even if they have not yet written a book, to be a Number One best selling author, how can they do that?
  4. 4
    I heard you say radio stations are seeking guests, how does that work?
  5. 5
    What are some of the best ways to pitch to show hosts, including those radio programs?
  6. 6
    What are some of the most important thngs to know about being on live media, which means radio and television?

If you feel this is a great match for your audience, let's talk so we can explore how I may be able to serve you and your audience.

You can always set a time for us to talk at Talk About Publicity.