Thanks for particpating in the Top Talent Joint Venture Mastermind on August 7 - 9.

In return for you promoting the event, you'll have 15 minutes with the audience.

This is a fluid, live (well, virtual), program, so the schedule is flexable. So . . . rather than tell you a specific time you'll  be on, we can tell you about a few hour range. Also, by hanging out with us for a bit instead of just showing up for your 15-mintues, you'll get to participate in the networking. The participants will get to know you.

If you've not yet seen the webpage:

For our last event we had over 500 registrants. As you can imagine they all didn't show up; however that is still quite a reach—everyone'll get to see you are part of the Mastermind.

The information you provide here will allow us to highlight and promote you.

Please provide at least four questions you would like us to ask you. Know that we may not ask them, but this is a basis.

To ensure maxium exposure for you in our marketing, please ensure you get this to us within four days.

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