Application To Be a Speaker At the Trailblazer Summit and Symposium

Thank you for your desire to share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience, during the Trailblazers Summit and Symposium, June 18-20. This application is for a 10-15 minute opportunity speaking opportunity. There is no fee . . . we do ask for you to promote it. Yes, we'll get you swipe copy.

If you have not yet registered, please do so at Trailblazer Summit

As you may imagine, we have a huge number of people who would love to speak, and limited time for speakers. To help us make decisions about who will speak, we are gathering some information.

Please complete this application, and, as we get closer to the event, we'll let you know of the board's decisions.

Title of talk
What makes you an expert on this topic?
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Full name

Your website

Size of mailing list
Social media reach
If selected, what would you do to promote the program?
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Would your preference be to talk or to be interviewed? (We reserve the right to make the final decision based upon what we feel is best for the program.)
Be interviewed
In the event we opt to interview you, what are four questions you would like to be asked?

Question one
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Question two
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Question three
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Question four
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While this is not a selling platform, you will have the opportunity to offer the audience a gift, or a giveaway, as a lead caputure, if you wish.

If you have such a gift or giveaway, what is the name of it?
URL of your gift or giveaway
Additional comments
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While the above information is for the potential for you to have 10-15 minutes of virtual stage time, we do have other options. Let us know which of these is of interest to you. These include being featured on the website, being part of the marketing materials with your picture with the other headliners, and in the press with the media partners. This also includes at least one interview in a big city newspaper, and speaking time. You can make a soft offer.
30 minutes - $3500
60 minutes - $6000
There will also be an opportunity to participate in a VIP evening on Friday, June 21, in New York. This will include a gathering and photo opts at perhaps the New York Stock Exchange, Reuters, or the Nasdaq Studio, with a one question interview by Jane King, of Nasdaq, which will be aired on Nasdaq TV as well as Bloomberg TV and Fox Business. This includes speaking to the VIP gathering, and a display on the marque on Times Square. There is limited space for this VIP component. Fee for this is $7000.
Yes, I'm interested