The Top Talent Agency is a talent management and representation organization which specializes in a complete publishing approach. Our service includes publicity to maximize overall business profits versus just a focus on book sales. That’s why at Top Talent Agency (or Top Talent Publishing) we say: “The question isn’t how does an author sell 100,000 books, but rather, how does an author make $100,000 with a book?”

The overall focus and objective is total revenue generated—not simply the number of books sold. Focusing on book sales alone is shortsighted, ignores priceless opportunities for exposure, and leaves the more significant business profits on the table. The Top Talent Publishing Deliverables far exceed typical printers and traditional publishers. Here are some of the other aspects of what we do:

Complete Book to Business Branding Session

This is a one- to four-hour process which can be done live in person or over video conferencing. We’ll focus on big picture planning for profits. This process includes prioritizing the most prosperous goals you; we then reverse engineer the process to make the most out of your manuscript.

Other discussion points are determining the book title, subtitle, taglines, imagery, colors, copyrights, trademarks, website availability, and exploring other income opportunities. This process is done through a series of very focused brainstorming sessions, as well as what we at Top Talent call heartstorming, where we explore words, terms, and phrases, to create something clever, attention-getting, and memorable.

Book Cover Design and Split Testing

This process could take days, but is more likely to take weeks, and even months. There is almost nothing more important than your book’s front cover, back cover, and spine. We create with multiple designs and split-test these designs internally and externally, so we may find the best responses, and the best cover.

The goal is to make your book look like it just came off a Barnes and Noble bookshelf, with a professional and contemporary look and feel. There are very real and evolving formulas for book covers that might even include getting particular kinds of pictures of you for placement on the front or back cover. This process ultimately includes creating a dust cover with flaps requiring even more persuasive print and design.

Book Coaching

This consists of online, or over-the-phone, conversations, where we’ll talk about what stories to share, evidence to present, visual aids to create, the best order for your content, controversial statements to make for future media pitches, legal pitfalls to avoid, and ancillary pages to add. Top Talent and its leadership are not only bestselling published authors themselves, but have been a part of almost 1,000 books created in the last decade alone.

Book Registration with ISBN#, Bar Code Creation, and US Library of Congress

Almost every version of your book needs its own, independent ISBN and barcode. Examples include but are not limited to paperback, hardback, workbook, and audiobook. We do the work and cover the cost of the fees associated with the process.

Content Editing

This is the specific process of looking at the order of the content in the book, what content should be expanded upon, and what content should be reduced or removed altogether. Ultimately, the content in the book is up to you, the author, but professional advice will be provided to maximize your book’s overall success as well as the business associated with your book.


This is the classic process of checking for correct spelling, most appropriate grammar, and word choice (meaning the right “their,” “they’re,” “there”, or “your” and “you’re,” for example). Even though a word is spelled correctly, that doesn’t mean it’s the right word! Top Talent also ensures this process happens more than a few times and you are never the proofreader.


This is the method in which the words on the page are sized, spaced, and stylized. This includes fonts, page breaks, chapter headings, and more. Top Talent also does this, taking into account what a printer will want and what Amazon/Kindle needs. It’s not unusual for the manuscript to need different versions of formatting to maximize the different ways the words might come alive on the page—digitally and on paper.

Interior Design

This is the next-level beautification of the book, which few publishers provide. It includes watermarks, visual aids, special font quote pages, custom numbering, page headings, and more. Top Talent excels at this process which makes the book not just a collection of words, but an experience to participate in that engages both sides of the brain as well as the heart.

Professional Publisher Association

It’s ok to self-publish, but your book should never look self-published. Most media outlets and event producers will respect a third-party published book, and Top Talent has a family of bestselling authors with impressive bio’s and book covers that make it a great company for you to share and be a part of. This is an added value that is most realized when pitching your book to media, event producers, and distributors.

Amazon Author Account Setup and Review

The various options and ways to set up, receive money, and market your book can be multi-faceted. This is an important step, and when done with professional best practices in mind, from an experienced team, you are more likely to avoid lost revenue, upset buyers, and suspension, or even shut down from Amazon.

Upload Your Book to Amazon/Kindle

This not only requires your book be converted to their KPF document version but, when the book is placed on their distributor/store website, the best keywords and categories are chosen. You can choose two categories during the digital upload process . . . however, there is an additional manual process provided by Top Talent, which ensures your book is in at least ten categories! Needless to say, this maximizes your opportunity for the most exposure, as well as the potential to be in the most categories as a bestseller.

Book/Author Webpage

This is a one-page website dedicated to nothing but the marketing and sale of your book, where the only place the web visitor might be able to click away to is Amazon, where they can buy the book. This can be as simple as consulting you, the author (and your staff when you have one) on how to best create the webpage, or the actual creation of the webpage by the Top Talent team. The choice is up to you. Some proven strategies work, and when ignored, profits are often reduced.

Copywriting for the Bestseller Campaign

Persuasive, simple wording is provided for social media posts as well as emails to promote your book during various launches. This includes some additional strategy, coaching, and opportunities to choose from, based on your goals, budgets, and bandwidth. The texts can be as short as a paragraph, whereas an email could be a couple of pages. Yet another example of something Top Talent does that most publishers don't.

Book Promotion to Top Talent Databases

Top Talent has legitimate opt-in email lists, social media groups, book clubs, events, and strategic partners that could support your book's launch. Ultimately, you will have to decide to what extent you want this help, which may require waiting or prioritizing Top Talent events on the calendar and locations physically and/or online.

Guaranteed Number One Amazon Bestseller

Being a bestseller isn't necessarily complex; but that is what makes it even more critical that an author's book achieves this. If in fact, it's not that difficult to get a bestseller, then how much more important is it that your book reaches this status? In addition, Top Talent doesn't just guarantee a bestseller which could be a top-five. Top Talent guarantees your book will be Number One in at least one category on Amazon, but averages being Number One in at least five out of the ten categories Top Talent gets your book into. This is documented with screenshots so you can demonstrate the proof, or provide it, when appropriate.

Feature the Author in Top Talent Magazine

Top Talent has its own successful magazine displayed online at, featuring speakers, authors, experts, and show hosts. This magazine is shared through various email databases, social media groups, and events. Top Talent also strategically features all its authors on the cover to help maximize social proof and exposure. This kind of press has been proven to be a launching pad for other interviews, speaking gigs, media opportunities, and attracting new business leads.

Major Media Feature

Top Talent has relationships, and or a history of featuring their clients and themselves in well-known media outlets. Top Talent commits to getting you in at least one of the following: the Los Angeles Tribune, USA Today, NY Weekly, Newsweek, or Forbes, or as documented in the Top Talent agreement between the agency and the author.

Speaking Opportunities

Top Talent has its own events, including, but not limited to Top Talent JV Masterminds and Top Talent Speaks Conferences. At these events, our speakers, authors, show host (the talent), and clients are interviewed, spotlighted, and given opportunities to headline our audiences. It's in our best interest to showcase our clients and the accomplishment we're making together.

Speaker Media Mastery

Top Talent provides on-stage, on-camera training, that focuses on professional best practices, including talking in soundbites and segments, attracting, enrolling, and more. These potentially weeklong events include photoshoots and filming to help you make the most out of your exposure opportunities. These events can be attended online, but are best in person. There is no limit to your participation, as a client; several are offered during a year in the U.S.

Manuscript/Book Rights and Ownership

You retain all rights and ownership of your book published by Top Talent, regardless of whether a ghostwriter was used. Top Talent does not share the revenue of book sales, nor does it ask for or require any profit participation from money-making opportunities that come from the book. Top Talent is a custom boutique Talent Agency, publisher, and publicity provider, which makes its money as a set investment from the client which is documented in the agreement we make with the author.

The Top Talent professional level of diverse services includes a team of copywriters, article writers, ghostwriters, editors, designers, publicists, photographers, web developers, and Amazon experts. This comprehensive list of services is tough to find under any one roof, and when you combine it with Top Talents' ecosystem of events and media, we offer a unique selling proposition that's hard to beat.

You can opt out of some of the services listed above, reducing your investments; however, some services are required as a client to maintain the highest level of quality. When our clients look good, so do we . . . and vice versa. So, we want some bare minimums.

You can reduce (or increase) your investment by determining how much of the book you want to write, how much promotion you want, how much publicity you prioritize over time, how many speaking opportunities you want, how much help you want with your book website, how much on-stage and on-camera training you want, and how much photography and filming.

All books are required to be branded, cover designed, proofread, formatted, and interior designed by us, at Top Talent, to ensure what the public sees is of the highest quality.

Quoting Prices and Creating Custom Publishing Proposals

Pricing varies depending on several factors. The length of a manuscript (word count), the current condition of the manuscript (for example: voice to text vs spell checked and spaced content), amount of promotion desired, length of time being pitched to the media, and type of publicity desired.

Additional considerations include: the amount of web content to be created, number of photos, videos, and other digital content needing to be created to complement book content, type of book (for example, workbook, audiobook, digital flipbook, screenplay), amount of ancillary pages (for example visual aids, watermarks, and research), speaking opportunities desired, show creation, event creation, working with authors’ team, training and supporting and length of time to do it all. These things create a range from $15,000 – $150,000, with the average package for a Top Talent client being $35,000.

Potential Costs Top Talent Doesn't Cover

We find and present some speaking and media opportunities to you, which may require an additional investment. The printer sets all printing of books in which you ultimately choose to manufacture their book. Top Talent facilitates the process and adds no additional costs to printing books. All money paid for printing is transparent and paid directly to the printer. The same applies to shipping.

The Clients that Succeed the Most

If you already have a working business model, or what we call proof of concept, that uses the book to support and promote your already successful business, you benefit the most from publishing a bestselling book. (Proof of Concept is determined by three things: having a product or service to sell; selling that product or service at a profit; and having so many happy customers with the product or service they bought from you, they are referring business to you and giving you testimonials.) This means you have a working business model and you are in the best position to capitalize on a bestselling book.

Turn Around Time

If you already have a finished manuscript, your book could be launched and be made a bestseller and printed, so it's in your hands in three to six months. If you haven't officially written anything or finished much of anything for the main manuscript, it might take 6-12 months to have your bestseller and printed in your hands.

Top Talent Track Record

You can see a lot about the Top Talent's President, Chief Creative Director, and Spokesperson David T. Fagan at, as well as some of our clients at, and An additional website back page with screenshots of media accomplishments, celebrity involvement, and bestseller categories, is David and the owner Isabel Donadio, have a book together that is also a good example of what is possible at You can see the whole book inside and out at