Profitable, Powerful Publicity

When you are seeking to grow your business, one of the best ways is to secure outstanding publicity, which grows your credibility, which makes you the go to person or business.

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At Top Talent Agency, we've been getting great publicity for people for over a decade.

From Number One best selling books, in multiple categories, to articles about you in the Los Angeles Tribune, with articles about you in the Los Angeles Tribune Magazine (with you featured on the cover!), and articles about you in USA TODAY. That's just for starters.

Want an interview on Nasdaq's television program New to the Street? You got it.

Want to be media trained so you can crush it when you are on podcasts, webinars, television, radio, and live stages? You got it.

Want your own magazine? You got it.

Want to join us on a Kenya Keynote Tour? You got it.

This short video'll show you some of what you can achieve when you make the decision to work with us:

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Dr. Richard Kaye