Ten Ways to Leverage Your Publicity

If you've gotten publicity, if you have been featured in a newspaper, a magazine, been on television or radio, if you've won awards . . . that's all wonderful, and congratulations.

Now what?

This video will offer you ten ways to take your publicity and leverage it. Make it more valuable than just a single awareness to the public. Turn it into something that enhances the public's awareness of who you are.

You want to play it up so people see you often. This is one of those times when it's a really good thing to tell people how wonderful you are! Smile.

That creates Top of Mind Awarness. The, "I've heard your name before."

After you see this, or even as you are watching it, set a time for us talk so we can explore how we can bring you to prospect's, client's, and the general public's, Top of Mind.

By the way, if you don't have a fair amount of media exposure, such as being featured in big-city newspapers, then definately, let's talk.

You saw, in the video, examples of newspapers where we've gotten clients featured. You saw some of the magazines and other outlets we have access to, and have clients featured. You saw examples of some of our clients being featured in some of these significant media outlets.

If you are not yet being featured in the media, this is good to set a time to talk so we can change that for you!