What do we do?

We specialize in helping hospitals and other medical organizations optimize systems, gain efficiency, and make, save, and recover, significant amounts of money.

The best part? There is zero risk. Our services are Zero-Cost and Performance-Based; we pay you to work with us! This document is not meant to furnish exhaustive details but to offer a brief overview to set things in motion. Explore this opportunity; sometimes, you do hold the Ace you need to win!

Medical Insurance Underpayment

Insurance companies are not paying all that is due, even if you have a recovery plan or a third-party vendor. Our Medical Insurance Underpayment Recovery Service ensures you receive every cent you are owed; it is entirely risk-free because it is performance-based and costs you nothing upfront. We have a 100% Success Rate!

What We Do We specialize in recovering substantial amounts from insurance underpayments, on average 22% of your annual gross insurance receipts. For instance, if you were paid $100 million, on average, we recover an additional $22 million. Our track record boasts recoveries ranging from 10% to over 30%+, with the largest recovery surpassing $330 million. The best part? These providers did nothing and only took about an hour of their time.

No Competition We only begin after your team and vendors have completed their tasks. Even if you have an existing recovery protocol or service provided by another vendor, we step in afterward to ensure the recovery of every cent you are rightfully owed. We are your final backup that confirms nothing is left on the table. Do you believe you have received the correct amount from the insurance companies or have recovered everything possible using your systems or other vendors? We have a 100% recovery track record working for organizations that have felt the same. TEST US – Prove that nothing was left to recover or gain more money for your organization. You can only win.

Zero Risk and Cost Our service carries absolutely Zero Risk because it has Zero Upfront Costs and is Performance-Based. We are fully HIPAA-certified, ensuring the utmost security and compliance. To be clear, we are not selling you anything; there’s no need for discussions on ROI—we operate on a contingency basis. In the rare event we can’t recover (which has never occurred!), you will receive a valuable free high-level third-party audit, proving you haven’t overlooked any opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Real-World Examples Numbers are rounded for simplicity.

Small Hospital with about $80 million in annual gross insurance receipts: $14 million in underpayments recovered.

Large Hospital System with slightly over $1 billion annual gross insurance receipts: $330 million in underpayments recovered.

Hospital with 122 beds: $10 million in underpayments recovered.

Hospital with 142 beds: $10 million in underpayments recovered.

Three Hospital Network: $30 million in underpayments recovered

Surgery Center with five locations: $2.5 million in underpayments recovered.

Medical Practice with 16 locations: $3.2 million in underpayments recovered.

Large Physician Network with 500 beds: $7 million in underpayments recovered.

"We thought we had received everything we were owed from our insurance companies; we even had procedures in place and another vendor to make sure. After hearing what they had to say, I was curious and thought I would get confirmation (that we had recovered everything), but to my surprise, they found millions more! We highly recommend.” — CEO of a 225-bed Hospital.

Who Do We Help? This service is for US Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Standalone ERs, and Medical Practices (performing medical procedures, not primary care) with annual gross insurance receipts totaling $10 million or more.

Process Setup usually takes less than an hour, and you will receive your money directly from the insurance companies within one to two months after setup. We only need copies of the contracts and statements from your insurance companies to do our work.

Why Now? We can only recover money from so far into the past, so every day costs you money; $100 million in gross receipts annually means a loss of $60,000+ per day. Don’t wait another day; book your appointment today to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

To learn more about these services, and how can save you can potentially recover millions of dollars, set a time to talk schedule a call.