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Medical Insurance Underpayment Recovery

What is the nature of your facillity?
What are the approximate gross receipts with the top three insurers ($2M/year minimum)
Uniform and linen rental and laundry cost reduction and recovery

Do you rent or launder?
Are your uniform and linen rentals over $100,000/year?

Merchant account services and credit card processing cost reduction

Requirements: Annual card volume processed (merchant services $125k/year minimum. Strip, Square, etc. $2m/year minimum)  Tell us your average yearly cost.
Current ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system
Approximate yearly accounts payable spend

Commercial accounts payable optimization and automation

Minimum to qualify: $10 Million or more in yearly accounts payable. What is your approximate annual revenue?

Employment screening, drug and alcohol testing

Generally speaking, what are your needs for screening?
About how many screenings and/or tests do need a month?
Do you want instant test kits?
Not sure
Do you want someone to come to your facility to perform tests?
Not sure

Do you want to send your people to a screening location?
Not sure
Employee payroll optimization and automation

How many employees do you have?
Payroll spend/month - approximate
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system
Telecommunications (Internet and Phone) optimization and cost reduction

Internet provider and annual spend
Telephone provider and annual spend
Do you own property (business)?

 If you own property, describe it, please.
 If you own property, how may employess do you have?

Shipping integration and optimization

(Minimum to qualify: ship more than 200 packages a day or spend 2M+/year)

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system
Shipping software
Primary carriers - enter all that you use.
Annual shipping spend — estimated
About how many packages are shipped on average per day?
What do you ship? Select all that apply.
Anything else you would like for us to know?
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