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Your money is best spent when you pay for qualified leads. Qualified leads mean the prospect is actively searching our resource directory for your type of service

We Promote Your Business

We provide you with a Free Feature Page about your business on our Resource Website.

When a visitor to our website wants to contact you they simply complete a Referral Form, sending you their contact information. You only pay when we send a lead to you.

You Receive Qualified Business Leads

We create a Feature Page about your company in our Resource Section. You supply us with content, pictures, and videos you want displayed on your Feature Page.

Visitors who come to our website and want to get in touch with you simply complete the referral form, which sends their information to you.

Feature Page and Referral Form 

Here's an example of a Feature Page and Referral Form. When you complete the Referral Form, and click on the Submit button, you'll see that you get the contact information for the business (Note: This referral is only for demo purposes

Why this platform?

With advertising you typically have no idea who the lead is or if are they qualified.

Every member on this platform has been personally invited. The people you'll find in this directory are people we know and trust.

Visitors come to our site because they trust the source. Think of this as Angie's list for qualified leads.

Cost Per Lead

When a visitor enters in their name, email, phone number, and request into the Referral Form, and clicks the submit button, the lead is generated.

The visitor is directed to your website, or given your contact information. Your advertising space is free on the website. You only pay when we send you a lead. It's only $10 per lead.

The lead is based on the prospect clicking the submit button and being given your contact information. The referral is not based on a sale, or on the accuracy of the prospect's contact information.

You will receive an email with the information the prospect entered into the referral form. An email is also sent to the prospect with your contact information.

Total invesment is $200. After you complete the form below you'll be taken to the payment page. The only additional expense is $10 per qualified lead you receive. No yearly nor monthly expense.

NOTE: For the first 20 people who make the decison to particpate, we'll give you your first 20 leads for free. That pays for your investment!

You are also given a login to our website to view your leads.

Begin receiving qualified leads, please complete the form or call us at 575.613.2680.

Or, if you'd like to schedule a call, you can do that at Schedule A Call.

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